"Give It Up for [Your Name Here] In The Booth!"

If you’ve seen TMLMTBGB you know how much we rely on our technicians to handle the chaos of the show and help make our art look and sound as impressive as we can possibly make it. We’re always on the hunt for new talent to join us from the booth, and we have an opportunity coming up very soon if you’re the sort of technician who can handle our brand of honest, unpredictable theatre.


Ideal candidates are autonomous, adaptable, and able to learn and react quickly in a fast-paced setting.


Duties include running all lights, sound, dropboxes, and whatever else our crazy-creative performers might come up with. Technicians should also be familiar with stage lighting and sound, and be able to replace lamps, troubleshoot dimmer problems, sound problems, etc. Experience with ETC lighting boards and QLab sound software is required. Experience as a designer is preferred. Time commitment averages 15 hours a week – rehearsals Tuesday night, performances Fri, Sat, and Sun. This is a paid position, with opportunities for additional work through gigs and tours.


We are currently looking for a technician who is able to start mid-May, with at least one weekend of observation prior to start. This is an 8-10 week commitment for the initial run.


If you’re interested, please email a resume and cover letter, detailing all specific experience with theatre tech, to Artistic Directors Bilal Dardai and Megan Mercier at artistic[@]neofuturists.org.

One thought on ““Give It Up for [Your Name Here] In The Booth!”

  1. Kris says:

    I will be applying in the morning. I was wondering if this opportunity would ever come up 😀

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