Short Plays By Neo-Futurists (Not Necessarily Neo-Futurist Plays)

A quick note to Neo fans…

Coming back next week to Victory Gardens Theatre is the One-Minute Play Festival, a marathon of short works written by over 50+ Chicago playwrights.

Although the show is presented in a set order with absolutely no input from the audience, a host of Neo-Futurists both past and present will still be among the participating writers. Show up at VGT on Monday or Tuesday evening and you’ll get to see world-premiere works by:

  • Andy Bayiates
  • Rachel Claff
  • Bilal Dardai
  • Lily Mooney

Two performances only! Admission works out to something like 15 cents a play! You have 15 cents a play lying around in your couch cushions.

One thought on “Short Plays By Neo-Futurists (Not Necessarily Neo-Futurist Plays)

  1. Suzanne Blair says:

    When is “next week”? Would love to experience more of your work,
    dear Bilal! One of my grand nieces(17) is visiting me and we’ll be in Chicago August 2,3,4.
    Signing off,
    your old teach

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