Jughead in Japan


I’m heading out the show for a spell. I got this cool Haymaker thing going on, but I am sad to leave just as JP is coming in. This is his last run before he heads to Japan to school kids on how to be wizards (long story) (not really, I’m sure someone will fill you in) and seeing as I’ve spent a little time there myself, I thought I’d share a little travel wisdom:

Everything is cute. EVERYTHING. Even the mascot on the complimentary towel you get when you open a bank account.

Photo on 4-2-14 at 4.04 PM


If you find yourself in a tiny bar in the middle of a nondescript office building in downtown Tokyo, and a man says, ‘AGENDA! DANCING!’, then the agenda is in fact dancing and you better do as he says.

Don’t you dare go over there with holes in your socks. Do not bring shame to this house, John.

Sour plums are great. Mysterious things come out of machines. Squid ice cream is a thing. Spaghetti and meatball ice cream is a thing. More than anything, it was so nice to get out the sphere I live in, to have an Eastern perspective and to learn more about our place in the world. I experienced great kindness from strangers and I thought my eyes would pop out of my head trying to take it all in. I hope the same for you.

Here’s a little virtual omiyage for y’all. Mata ne!


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