IDA CUTTLER's Patriotic Chocolate-Covered Bad-Luck Fun-Fest

Tonight IDA CUTTLER begins her first tour of duty in TML, hot on the heels of Nick Hart (that quiet, quiet hurricane).

It’s a big weekend for her, but she’s not worried about herself. She’s thinking about You, the Audience. She’s thinking about the Big Events.

Because today is Friday the 13th.

And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Or Anti-Valentine’s Day, depending on your philosophies/relationship statuses/bank account balance.

And as Ida will not hesitate to remind you, Monday is Presidents’ Day.

According to the Internet, this is how most of the country celebrates Presidents’ Day:


Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.22.36 AM





Whether single or attached, superstitious or aggressively not, we have plays for you. Just for you, in your present-tense life, on this busy holiday weekend. This week we debut 11 new world-premiere plays, written by IDA, Nick, Brenda, Lily, Malic & Kirsten, many of which are about love and luck, or the lack of it. But if none of that persuades you, and if you are only looking for a place to celebrate your fierce, undying love of our nation’s leaders while also seeing some skits-done-real-quick, we are also the only show in Chicago that requires patrons to walk through a majestic hall of presidential portraits before setting foot in the actual theater.

What I’m trying to say is, we’ve got you covered. Ida will make sure of it. She’s ready and raring to make sure that this weekend is enthusiastically and thoroughly observed.


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