Most Things in Moderation.

This is the last weekend that Steve Mosqueda will be gracing the stage for Too Much Light for awhile…the last time he left, he didn’t come back for five years. Hopefully he won’t stay away quite so long this time.

While Steve has been back with us, he’s shared with the ensemble and our audiences silly dances, disgusting party tricks, political fury, punk rock history, commercial parody, and his love of all things beer.

Below is an instructional video, of sorts, inspired by one of Steve’s recent plays, which involves our intrepid technician Jacob Brown shotgunning a beer. Newest ensemble member Ida Cuttler, who had never shotgunned a beer, wished to learn how, so after the show one evening, Jacob offered to mentor her and Steve offered to film it all.

Disclaimers: All people seen or heard in this video are of legal drinking age. The Neo-Futurists are theatre professionals with a keen sense of their own tolerance and limitations and this is being filmed in a controlled environment under safe conditions. We do not endorse underage drinking or alcohol abuse. Because that would make us monsters.

While Steve won’t be in the home show after Sunday, you do have one last chance to hang out with him in a Neo-Futurist setting: On Monday, March 23rd, at the Lagunitas Brewery Tap Room, where we will be having a one-night only fundraiser in support of The Neo-Futurists. For just $15  plus the roll of the die, you can come enjoy food, high-quality and high-octane beer by Lagunitas (only $5 apiece!), and a few special performances by Neo-Futurist ensemble! You will also have a chance to win raffle prizes, learn more about our upcoming show Trust Us / Screw You, and take a casual catwalk tour of a massive, productive brewery!

(There is a lot about beer in this post. Perhaps that’s only appropriate for the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day.)

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