What Others Are Saying

“ The show is hilarious, foulmouthed, innocent, and sweet all at once, and every moment of this romp through the forest is infused with a pure sort of joy.”

- Splash Magazine
Jessie Bond

“"The? Unicorn? Hour?" lets us grab despair by the horn and find radical resistance in unexpected joy.”

- ★ ★ ★ - The Chicago Tribune
Kerry Reid

“The? Unicorn? Hour? is maybe the most relevant, brilliant, loving piece of theater in the city right now [...] Seeing this show is good for you.”

- Newcity Stage - RECOMMENDED
Jay Van Ort

“[...] we could all use a shot of joy! QUESTION: THE? UNICORN? HOUR? ANSWER: YES!!”

- The Fourth Walsh
Katy Walsh

“[...] a delightfully adult blanket fort of physical comedy and verbal gymnastics [...]”

- ChilL Live Shows
Bonnie Kenaz-Mara

“a beautiful and welcome respite from the tumultuous circumstances of life today. You will learn that you too can find your own unicorn of joy.”

- PerformInk - Critic's Pick
Elizabeth Ellis

The? Unicorn? Hour?

April 6 - May 13 2017
Thursday/Friday/Saturday at 7:30pm

Price: $10 – $25
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Created by Leah Urzendowski & Anthony Courser

Directed by Adrian Danzig


What? Are they unicorns? Is it an hour? 

The? Unicorn? Hour? invites you into a space to discover and grow joy in an atmosphere where joy can float freely. Inspired by childhood favorites “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” and “Peewee’s Playhouse”, this show claims joy as the core fantastical world of adventure within us.  Joy is an active choice, requiring a shift of perception of the world around you.   The? Unicorn? Hour? refers to the unicorn that lives within all of us – the mythical magical organ in your soul that can be tapped into at any moment you choose. You can “unicorn” at anytime! Seeking joy is refusing woe and accepting the beauty of an unbridled lifting of the spirit.

anthony and leah as unicorns in white spandex

Don’t forget to do your #joyhomework.



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