The Token

THE TOKEN is a new way to experience our work. It’s an All-You-Can-Eat-Neo-Futurist-Buffet.

For $15 a month you can see every late night performance and any of our Primetime productions whenever you want. 

No extra cost. No catch. Just $15 bucks for as much Neo-Futurism as your heart can handle.

We’ve always given small tokens (trivia pursuit cards, dinosaurs, assorted knick-knacks, etc.) to our audiences to save a seat in The Neo-Futurarium. Signing up for THE TOKEN means that instead of getting a knick-knack at the door you’ll get a high-five and a seat at no extra cost. Pay once a month and then come see a show whenever you’ve got a hankering for it. Sign-up yourself or give the gift to a friend! It’s the gift that will literally keep on giving 3 times a week and over 250 times a year. What’s keeping you?


  • Identity theft is no joke. Plus we're all about being ourselves around here.



THE FINE PRINT or Everything Else You Need To Know About How This Thing Works

♦ 1 week after subscribing we’ll mail you a personalized Token card. This means you won’t have to show additional ID every time you come to the show. 

♦ With The Token you’ll still stand in line to save your spot – but instead of getting a Trivia Pursuit card or a tiny plastic dinosaur, you’ll just show us your Token and be good to go. That’s all there is to it. 

♦ You’ll also receive 15% off select classes and workshops and invitations to special events at The Neo-Futurarium.

♦ You’ll be billed $15.00 automatically on a monthly basis. You can cancel at any time and your card and code will continue working until you finish up your final month

♦ We can’t transfer memberships but THE TOKEN makes an excellent gift. Sign-up your friends and loved ones. Just be sure to enter their info (name, email, etc.) when you sign-up. 

♦ The Token is valid for any regular late night performance or Primetime production but does not transfer to special performances (such as Fright, Pride, or other fundraising events). If you have a question about a particular event don’t hesitate to ask. 

♦ Lastly, we’re still working out some of the kinks, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or discover any hiccups. Our goal has always been to make work that is affordable and accessible, so let us know if you’re having any issues.

[Email “will[@]” with any questions.]