The Infinite Wrench

With new plays every week, TIW is The Neo-Futurists’ ongoing and ever-changing attempt to shift the conventions of live theatre. This week: nine world premieres, and the wrench. PLUS! A special “roll-of-the-die” night, for just $1-$6!

50 weekends of the year
Friday/Saturday at 11:30pm
Sunday at 7:00pm


Happening Now...

Comfortable Shoes

Neo-Futurist Ida Cuttler premieres the full production of her rigorous storytelling of epic and exhausting proportions! Part of the Neo-Futurist Prime Time season, and its fourth Neo-Lab production.

The Infinite Wrench

ATTENTION! :: Special “roll-of-the-die” show, this Saturday, 9/21 @ 11:30! One-night-only! Click the button for tickets THE INFINITE WRENCH is a mechanism that unleashes a barrage of two-minute plays for ...

Remembering Dementia

An exclusive workshop from the team of Tangles & Plaques, this is an opportunity for anyone to learn more about dementia, explore their personal relationship to memory, and gain practical ...

Writing and Performing

More sessions of our Writing&Performing classes are now available for enrollment! This summer! Click below!


Click “Donate” to keep us going another 30 years! Donate   – Help Us Keep the Lights On – A Letter from Artistic Director Kurt Chiang   Dear Neo-Futurist Fan, ...

Tif Harrison

Neo-Alum Tif returns to the Wrench! Only for a few weeks! So get out to the show! Don’t miss her, silly!

Mitchell Chapman

Mitchell is a theatre-maker in Chicago. He likes to take pictures, take things apart, and take naps. Teching with the Neos since the summer of ’17, he’s been the booth ...

Joanna Jamerson

Ensemble Member (2017–NOW) / Writer of many plays, including “dedicated to the cement man on lsd on lsd,” “my trip to australia, but with a better ending,” and “ef for ...

Jasmine Henri Jordan

Ensemble Member (2017-NOW) / Writer of many plays, including “Disruptive,”” “Jasmine’s Plato’s The Apology,” and “A Two-Minute Pitch for a One-Minute Play.”

Connor Shioshita Pickett

Ensemble Member (2017-NOW) / Writer of many plays, including “four noble truths, two-sided ladder, no-fold path: a neo-futurist zen buddist performance studies fable” and “The humble beginnings of organized religion!”

Nick Hart

Ensemble Member (2014-NOW) / With the Alamo in the rearview, Nick Hart rides back into the Wrench this week.

Kurt Chiang

Ensemble Member (2008-NOW) and Artistic Director / Writer of many plays, including “Kool-Aid Man vs. Brick Wall (role reversal),””Variations from We, Your Grateful Hosts: The Musical!,” and “Radical Imagination.”  Co-Artistic ...