Scholarships for Artists of Color
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NOTICE! Deadline for the application is Friday, January 22nd 2021. Thank you!

Scholarships for Artists of Color Winter 2021

  • What’s your experience with the company, either as an artist, affiliate, or fan? If this is your first time hearing about us, tell us about that.
  • The company creates theater under the aesthetic of “Neo-Futurism.” Part of the aesthetic demands that the performers present themselves and their world onstage as directly and honestly as possible, without the conventions of character, or a fictional setting. What kind of opportunities or challenges do you see yourself approaching when creating work like this?
  • Financial need is not an eligibility requirement for this scholarship, but we are aware that it may play a part in your choice to apply. We’ll take that into account when considering applications. If this scholarship would provide needed financial assistance, feel free to elaborate on that below.
  • Please attach an Artist Statement. This can address anything you’d like for us to know about yourself, the art you create, the art you want to create, and who you want to create it for. Your statement can take on any number of forms, but please stay within a 350-700 word count.
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  • Please include a sample of your recent creative work. Work that represents you as an artist or person (first-person storytelling, anything that showcases yourself as a performer) are especially helpful. Please limit the size of your samples to no more than 5 pages for writing, and 2-5 minutes for audio/video.
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