the infinite wrench: made in 24 hours aug 12th @ 7pm

All summer, members of the Neo-Futurist community (that means you!) will raise their part of this ultimate goal, in support of the theater and a world-premiere-packed night of The Infinite Wrench: Made In 24 Hours on Sunday, August 12 @ 7pm, as part of our annual fundraising campaign, Can’t Stop//Won’t Stop.  At the one-night-only event, we will present 30 original plays written in a mere 24 hours.

“I want to be at that show! What do I do? Do I buy a ticket?”

Not exactly! Instead, you raise money for your favorite theater company ever!  Every ticket to the 24-hour culminating event is $150. This can be donated individually or
raised amongst your networks here, on the crowd-funding platform Build your profile, click “Join the Team”, and set your goal of how much you’d like to raise by August 12. Every $150 you raise equals another ticket to the world-premiere-packed-performance.


The Neo-Futurists and The Infinite Wrench have spent the past two years redefining our artistic landscape and building foundations to remain organizationally sound. And now with the support of YOU, the lively, full, and charged audience, we’re confident about moving forward. So get ready, folks. It’s time to raise the barn, if that barn was a fundraiser, and that fundraiser was called Can’t Stop//Won’t Stop: 24 Hours at The Neo-Futurists.

The Neo-Futurists are turning 30 at the end of this year. We’re facing ourselves in the mirror, obsessing over the grey hairs and the worry lines, wondering where all that time went. What have we been doing with ourselves? Should we have been better, bolder? Why haven’t we been putting more in savings all this time?*   

*((For the record, we are a fiscally responsible, not-for-profit organization. Don’t worry; we have savings)).

Our point is this: at 30 years old, The Neo-Futurists are not settling, not rolling over. We’re not even buying a motorcycle to prove something. We’re moving forward, dedicated to showing up every week to share a unique type of theater that is true to you, relevant to your world, and vital to your livelihood. The Neos have written close to 10,300 two-minute plays, and that number keeps growing, thanks to our ongoing, ever-changing playmaking mechanism, The Infinite Wrench, a show that (quite literally) can’t happen without you.   

In addition to the “made-in-24-hours” Infinite Wrench, we are asking groups and individuals from our theater & performance community to make short works, starting Sunday afternoon, pushing us to the main event, inspiring us to make, work, and celebrate.    

Just like our shows, we can’t do this without you in the audience. We’re so grateful you’re here to support our community of writing-marathon-running, non-profit-experimental-theater-loving fundraisers.   

Our annual fundraiser/playwriting feat begins now. Go!

Fundraise with Us