*from The Atlantic an article by Shirley Li , “Skipping the 13th Floor” Feb 13, 2015

—> “So why avoid labeling a 13th floor in the first place? CityRealty’s Director of Research and Communications Gabby Warshawer tells me it’s a preventative measure, in case any potential buyers or renters are superstitious. Even a slight fear of the number could stop someone from a purchase. ‘It’s not an issue that the real estate community is very concerned with,’ she admits. ‘But from the developers’ perspective, even if there’s a .01 percent chance it’ll affect prices, why take a risk at all?’”

We decided not to skip Week 12 entirely, (an option) but to clarify it, to express and highlight the fear of police violence black (and disproportionally, black trans and queer) citizens of this country feel every day. Even the slightest fear of police brutality can stop a black person from living their life as freely as others. Every “but what about the property damage?” confuses the issue and further dehumanizes black bodies. Even if there’s a .01 percent chance an unarmed, innocent black life is taken at the hand of those sworn to protect us, why take a risk at all?
Joanna Jamerson, Ensemble Member


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