Q: What is The Infinite Wrench Goes Viral? 

In light of COVID-19, The Neo-Futurists have developed TIWGV; which is an online adaptation of our in-the-flesh, ongoing, ever-changing attempt to perform thirty plays in sixty minutes for a live audience. As a means to continue our 31 year tradition of producing new weekly writing & performance in Chicago, we’ve adapted our show to this digital platform.

Q: How does payment work? How often does the show come out?

You can watch our full show for as little as $3. For slightly higher price-points, we’ll send you bonus content in addition to your access to the show. TIWGV is posted every Sunday, so your card will be charged only on days we release the show; in one lump some on the first of the month.  

Q: When is the show? How will I know when it’s available? 

We publish the show on Sundays at 8PM CST. At that time, we will post the link to the show on Patreon, and you’ll receive an email notification about that post. 

Q: Is the show live? If I’m not at my computer at 8pm on Sunday, will I miss it? 

Our show is pre-recorded, so you won’t miss a thing! We’ll send you the link to the show on Sunday at 8PM CST, and you will have access to that link for 72 hours. Watch it when you can!


Q: I signed up for one of the higher tiers. When will I get my perks? 

Perks are sent right to your email inbox (the email you used when you signed up for Patreon) on Friday afternoons. If it’s after Friday afternoon and you’re missing them, let us know!


Q: How will my Patreon subscription extend the lifespan of The Neo-Futurists?

As a small non-profit theatre, the majority of our general operating budget comes from ticket sales. By subscribing to our Patreon, you are helping ensure that when theaters in Chicago are able to open again, we will have the funds to resume operations. 


By subscribing to our Patreon, you are participating in a historically unprecedented new chapter of Neo-Futurist experimentation. We are extremely grateful you are here with us. As always, we can’t do it without you.


So….what do you think?