John Pierson

Active Ensemble 1996-2011

Active Ensemble 1996 – 2011

John R. Pierson, at the age of Twenty, started the first leg of his split career and never ending alias creations as Jughead in the Punk band Screeching Weasel. All the years before and all the years after this career decision have been bathed in deep layers of fog, barely perceptible through hindsight. At twenty three, stunned by the notion of his approaching graduation, he wrote and staged his first play, Philosophy of Nonthings, under the name ian pierce at Columbia College. Always in the state of awe at both literature and drama, he was surprised to find that peers actually found his play entertaining and strangely thought provoking, albeit confused and partially unintelligible.

As the next two years progressed, while touring the beautiful states throughout the sublime country known as America with Screeching Weasel, John developed a passion for books, regrettably more the purchase than the read. An introduction to the meta-fiction authors, among them: Milan Kundera, John Barth, Pirandello and Italo Calvino, helped to transform his jumbled ideas into inspired theatrical experiences. He formed his own theater company at age twenty-five called Hope and Nonthings and has gone on to write and produce eight more plays including the critically acclaimed, Living In The Present Tense.

Somewhere in the middle of all this he studied improvisation at Second City. While there, he joined the Chicago University-based improv group Sheila and performed with them for two years, including a show called Sheila’s Giant Wall of Plot Twists which ran for 13 months at the Organic Theatre and 4 weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

John is now a member of the Neo-Futurists and plans to stay here for quite a while. He is still writing and producing plays for Hope and Nonthings, and recording albums with Screeching Weasel. And he is still living in a fog thicker than tar and more engorging than God.