With “the TOKEN,” SEE ALL THE NEO-FUTURISM YOU CAN HANDLE for Just $15 a month.

“How do all see all the shows, all the time, at The Neo-Futurists?”
– Dedicated audience member

Glad you asked. And there happens to be an answer. One payment a month gets you admission to pretty much all the shows, all year, whenever you want. That includes:

  • 50 weeks of The Infinite Wrench
  • All Prime Time shows
  • Neo-Lab presentations and workshop performances
  • Select one-off and guest artist performances throughout the year

All of that for only $15/month. (That’s less than the “prime” subscription you forgot to unsubscribe from when you signed up for a 7-day-free-trial that one time 9 years ago.)
Quite simply: if we have a show going on, 95% of the time your active membership through The Token gets you in at no extra cost. Do yourself a favor and sign up now.

“I want to give it as a gift.”
– Generous audience member

No problem, just fill in their ID information, including email, with your own billing info (you can also call the office at 773-878-4557 and we’ll be happy to walk you through it).

Step 1: Fill out your billing information using the link below.

Sign Up Here

Step 2: Enter your membership card info using the fields below.

Membership Card Info

  • This is your first name as it will appear on your membership card
  • This must be an image file that is a clear picture of your face for your membership card. This can be a formal headshot, selfie, or anything in between.

  • 1 week after subscribing we’ll mail you a personalized card. This acts as your show admission as well as your ID card.
  • When seeing The Infinite Wrench, remember you’ll still be seated on a first come first serve basis, but you won’t need to bring any cash, only your card.
  • Education bonus: You’ll also receive 15% off select classes and workshops and invitations to special events.
  • No contracts! You’ll be billed $15.00 automatically on a monthly basis, but you can cancel any time.
  • Memberships are non-transferable.
  • The Token is valid for any regular late night performance or Prime Time production but does not transfer to special performances (such as Red Wrench, Pride, or other fundraising events). If you have a question about a particular event, don’t hesitate to call us at 773-878-4557.
  • Our goal has always been to make work that is prolifically affordable, so let us know if you’re having any issues.

Email questions to Audience Services Coordinator, Brita Thorne, at brita@neofuturists.org.