100 Neo-Futurist Plays for Less Than The New Ke$ha Single.

Do you read?

(If you don’t, then you didn’t know you were just asked that question.)
If you do read, though, you might enjoy our first book of plays, 100 Neo-Futurist Plays from Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, which is exactly what it sounds like. This book is also newly available as an e-book for your Kindle or Nook or other e-reader.
And! And!
From December 1-14, you can download the e-book version for a mere 99 cents…that’s less than a penny a play, and you practically get the table of contents and other supplemental material for free.
Find the e-book wherever e-books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.
Ninety-nine cents for 100 Neo-Futurist Plays. If you’re reading your books on your fancy-shmancy wireless electronic library, you can afford this.

4 thoughts on “100 Neo-Futurist Plays for Less Than The New Ke$ha Single.

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s still $8.69 on the Amazon site, are they just being slow to update?

  2. Martin Baran says:

    I just did the same thing. Dec 1st is tomorrow

  3. Martin Baran says:

    The book is still $9.99 in iTunes store/iBooks. Any idea what the issue is?

  4. Bilal says:

    Martin – The publisher has been talking to Apple about it. It may just be that Apple is refusing to take care of this like they refuse to take care of their workers in China.


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