We are not currently hiring! Please check back for updates. 

Our intrepid corps of volunteers cover a variety of small but vital tasks to ensure that we make the best weekly show possible. In exchange for a night’s work, they are granted a complimentary seat to that performance of The Infinite Wrench.

Opportunities are available at least three times a week. For more information, email engagement@neofuturists.org.

We receive several requests annually from students interested in doing research papers, video profiles, or other academic and journalistic projects on our theater, aesthetic, productions, and process. If you would like to interview members of our ensemble or staff, please send us a formal request by contacting our Artistic Director at admin@neofuturists.org. Please include full details of your project and make requests at least two weeks in advance; the more notice you give us the more likely we will be to accommodate you.

The Neo-Futurist Board is responsible for our governance, fundraising, and advocacy of the art and events produced by the company. If you believe as strongly as they do in the work being done by The Neo-Futurists, then consider applying as a candidate for our Board by contacting our General Manager Anna Gelman at anna@neofuturists.org.

Currently, we are not holding auditions. Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear about the next rounds.

The cast of The Infinite Wrench is exclusively comprised of members of The Neo-Futurist Ensemble. Auditions to join the ensemble are held on a per-need basis (generally every 2 years). Casting in Prime Time productions is at the discretion of each show’s creator, and may or may not involve a general call.