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– Help Us Keep the Lights On –
A Letter from Artistic Director Kurt Chiang


Dear Neo-Futurist Fan, Friend, Family Member, and Philanthropist,


The end of summer is approaching, which means our non-profit fiscal year is ending, and I’m asking for your help to make sure we finish off strong. But first, I want to tell you about a play I wrote.

I recently wrote my 311th play as a Neo-Futurist in our relatively newly-minted flagship show, The Infinite Wrench. I’m not bragging so much as I am confessing that it took me over three-hundred attempts to finally write a play with the title “How many audience members does it take to not change a lightbulb?”

The play is this: I set a lamp in the lobby (aka, “The State Park”), with a dead bulb installed. Placed next to that lamp is a freshly packaged, unused bulb, ready to replace the spent one that sits complacently in the lamp. While the audience waits for us to open the theater, the lamp sits there, waiting for a hero.

Later when I perform the play in the show, I’ll bring the lamp in, plug it into an outlet, and switch it on. If the bulb has not been changed, I cast a disappointed look over the audience, and I simply answer the question by saying the total house count for that night — 79. It takes 79 audience members to not change a lightbulb.

As of this writing, of the hundreds of people that have been in the room for this play, not one has changed it. So it goes without saying: the lights don’t turn on without you.

I want to thank you for being a part of The Neo-Futurists’ journey over the course of 30(!) years. And now, please take a moment to change the lightbulb, and donate $30-$100 before the end of our fiscal year this Sunday.

We’re hoping to raise $3,000 in 3 days from our incredible community of fans and supporters to cap off this prolific year of making the kind of theater you want to see, like Nick Hart’s Remember the Alamo and our annual tradition of 30 Queer Plays In 60 Straight Minutes. This year we also welcomed our newly minted managing director Jorge Silva, who continues to lead the charge in sustaining the good-art-making machine that is The Infinite Wrench and The Neo-Futurist Theater.

As always, any contribution is tax-deductible. Click on the button below, and light us up for another 30 years of Neo-Futurism.