My pimple wants you to come see it in TML

My pimple wants you to come see it in TML

Look at this pimple. Are you looking? Look at it! You better be looking at it cause sure as hell, it’s looking at you. This bad boy popped up today, taking up about forty percent of the real estate on my face, and it wants you. It knows you. It follows. Zit follows. It wants you to come see it in Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind this weekend, because that’s where it came from, after all. That’s where Zit came from, afterall.

That’s right, we’ve been putting in the extra hours this week to bring you nine mega-ambitious world premieres. There’s been a lot of sweat, stress and tears these past few days, and that’s the perfect storm conditions, for zits. Zit Storm, good luck getting that image out of your head. Truth be told, I used to hate zits. This one I don’t mind though, it’s proof we’re working hard. Zits proof we’re working hard.

I’ll stop it. I’ll stop Zit.

2 thoughts on “My pimple wants you to come see it in TML

  1. `Jonathan says:

    Where was your pimple last week? Where was it? Where was zit? I saw your play last week. I thought you worked hard. Zit appears that you didn’t work hard; no zits. You said, “keep the change!” Can I have zit back now (I’m a little pinched)? Are zit jokes even funny? See spot run. See spot zit. See spot tell acne’d jokes.

    I loved zit last week. Thank you. I’ll be back.

  2. This is just like letters from a nut, but better. You guys are my favorite screwballs. Love yourselves because you effing RULE the Andersonville snotpods.

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