Picked Up

April 10 - May 17 2008

Six television pilots never before seen!  A new pilot, created by a team of writers and genuinely attempting to be the best television show ever, is performed on The Neo-Futurist stage every week of the run.  Audience reactions determine the best pilot.  Meanwhile, The Neo-Futurists explore American consumerism and the art’s role as social advocate and moral instructor.

Written by Ian Belknap, Sean Benjamin, Dean Evans, Laura McKenzie, Lauren Sharpe, Diana Slickman, Jay Torrence, and Ryan Walters.

Featuring performances by Sean Benjamin, Tom Blandford, Bill Boehler, Paul Brittain, Dan Broberg, Brennan Buhl, Kurt Chiang, Dina Connolly, Anthony Courser, Brendan Donaldson, Dean Evans, Mary Fons, Sarah Goeden, Kasey Foster, Katy Fullan, Michael Govier, Briggs Hatton, Noelle Krimm, Matthew Massaro, Laura McKenzie, Megan Mercier, Katie Nahnsen, Scott OKen, Phil Ridarelli, Jennifer Santanello, Lauren Sharpe, Jay Torrence, Anthony Tournis, Leah Urzendowski-Courser,  Kristie Koehler Vuocolo, Ryan Walters, Rachel Wilson, and Adam Yencho.

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