What Others Are Saying

“The show’s most profound moments attempt to show them as they really are. And while the transcendence is never fully complete—as is always the case in theater as well as in life—the contrasting tug between these moments of intimacy and the raucously entertaining scenes of music and hilarity strengthens the bond between them like a spiritual Chinese finger trap. ”

- Newcity
Kevin Greene

“"[...] a mixture of rock music, clowning and real-life confession, it’s memorable and eye-opening. Watching it on opening night last week, it struck me as the sort of bold and strange show that keeps Chicago’s theater scene so exciting. ”

- Underground Bee
Robert Loerzel

“Wow! Loud! Awesome! ”

- The Fourth Walsh
Tom Lawler

“Pop Waits flat out rocks.”

- BuzzChicago
Ken Payne


February 4 - March 19 2016

Running Time: 90 minutes

Pop Waits is an athletic, participatory, clown provocation to write a song.

Partners and performers Malic White and Molly Brennan both struggle with depression and rely on music to yank themselves out of despair. With the help of a live band and the audience (that’s YOU), White and Brennan summon the sacred powers of their heroes, Iggy Pop and Tom Waits, to write a song of their own.


Through monologues, movement pieces and performance of their rock heroes’ most influential songs, Brennan strips away her penchant for theatricality, while White discovers that building a larger-than-life persona might be the key to survival.


POP WAITS contains loud noises, haze, strobe effects and nudity…because it’s awesome. If you don’t like either of those things, just let us know. 

Created by Malic White  and Molly Brennan

Directed by Halena Kays

Band/Assorted Rockers: Spencer Meeks, Nick Davio, Elisa Carlson.

Want to rock on? Molly and Malic want to jam with you and are teaching a Two-Week Pop Waits Devising Workshop called WE COULD BE HEROES. 

Performers & Production Team

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