Clifton Frei

Artistic Associate

Clifton Frei is a human being from Virginia Beach, VA. It was there he first learned about theatre and selling jewelry to tourists.  As a human he has done many things, and many of them have been both theatrical and related to the practice of making theatre, such as stage managing, light designing, general teching, production managing, sound designing, blood effects designing, DJing, goat wrangling, directing, writing, performing, and on notable occasions rapping and Shakespearing while eating a rotisserie chicken.  He has done many of these things with the Firehouse Theatre Project, Yellow House, Richmond Shakespeare Company, Sycamore Rouge, The Hypocrites, the unnamed showparty ensemble, LiveWire, and finally, the Neo-Futurists.  He considers it his wildly good fortune to have had the opportunity to write and perform for three Neo-Futurist productions: Fear, CRISIS: a musical game showand Chalk and Saltwater: The Ladder Project.  The experience of collaborating with the ensembles of these shows and performing in them has been among the best of his life and he thanks the Neo-Futurists for providing a home and a training ground for this kind of work.