Dan Kerr-Hobert

Ensemble since 2012
Booking Coordinator


Prior to joining the ensemble, Dan Kerr-Hobert has participated in, and/or helped create, the Neo-Futurist productions of Mr. Fluxus, BEER, CRISIS: A Musical Game Show, and The Strange and Terrible True Tale of Pinocchio (the wooden boy) as Told By Frankenstein’s Monster (the wretched creature).

He is the first cousin of alumnus Neo-Futurist Caitlin Stainken.

Stuff by Dan

A staging of my one real life interaction with George Wendt (best known for his role as Norm on CHEERS) starring you as George Wendt.

Facilitating something I don't condone to make a point that remains unclear to me

Fred believes what we believe, that there's no one like you like you.

Reconstruction of a childhood memory #6

The People Want Their Pizza Hat

What's the opposite of a getaway car?