Evan Hanover

Artistic Associate

Evan is a researcher by day and, as it turns out, a researcher by night also. He has– Hold on, I’m writing this for the Neos, so my bio should be personal and in first person, right?…OK, start over– I am astonished and proud that I have been collaborating with the Neos for over a decade. It’s baffling. In 2000, as aspiring anthropologist, I was allowed to be a shadowy lurker at TML rehearsals, studying “the semiotics of humor.” Results from that were mixed. That’s on me. Since then, I have been invited to be the dramaturg on numerous primetime productions: A 60-Minute History of HumankindThe Fool (Returns to His Chair), Crisis, Chalk and Saltwaterand Sovereign Statement. I was even an on-stage dramaturg in Fear. I also frequently act as house shutterbug, though when I started I had no clue about using a camera. These opportunities were astounding, as they were all firsts for me. Thank you to the wildly talented, incredible people who allowed me to research theater, learn photography, and experience the creation of art at the theater above a funeral home.