Lily Mooney

Ensemble 2012 – present


Rather than list accomplishments or influences, Lily just wants to share with you this smattering of things that flashed through her panicked mind when she was asked to write a biography for herself.

In approximately 26 years of doing things, Lily has, in no particular order:

-been in three car accidents
-watched It’s a Wonderful Life at least 25 times
-traveled to China, India, France, Scotland, and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
-been propositioned by a stranger in an alley in San Francisco
-written at least three (possibly five) book reports on Harriet Tubman
-shit herself in the middle of a crowded street on a hot summer day
-climbed 1 and 3/4 mountains
-performed improv comedy in a high school, a park, an attic, two basements, a barn, several theaters and one mildly creepy bar
-seen three chiropractors in two months
-been paid to wear a safari hat and pretend to be an explorer
-touched a giraffe
-owned 1 dog, 3 cats, 2 hamsters and a disputed number of unremarkable goldfish
-felt chest-explodingly grateful for the support of her friends and family, as well as ecstatic to write and perform as an ensemble member of the Neo-Futurists, and
-studied Latin.

Stuff by Lily

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