Parlour Tapes+

Salon Performance

Saturday – July 24th at 12:15 – $10

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Parlour Tapes+ is Chicago’s only contemporary classical cassette tape label.

Parlour Tapes+ formed in 2013 in response to the lack of documentation of Chicago’s contemporary classical music scene. Since its inception, it has released albums by Chicago-based artists such as the Spektral Quartet, Tim Munro, and Mabel Kwan. PT+ frequently collaborates with local visual artists to construct unique packaging for each of its releases. The label is also known for putting on various live concerts and parties.


Mark Applebaum – Aphasia
Rachel Ellison – Gymnasium for the Soul
Deidre Huckabay and Andrew Tham of Parlour Tapes+ perform the delightfully dexterous composition Aphasia, by the contemporary composer Mark Applebaum. The duo will be moving their hands to the sounds of Applebaum’s quirky electronic stylings. Audience’s will be amazed and delighted, and leave the theater with a greater level of curiosity than with which they entered.

Gymnasium for the Soul will facilitate a workshop focused on empathy-building using honest personal accounts told by a diverse range of Americans as the starting point. Audience members will be guided to use their own life experiences and work together to craft mindful and physical interpretations of the accounts provided. This is an alternative “exercise” class striving to fuse the body and mind, promote vulnerability among strangers and empathy on the street. A foray into owning embodied knowledge.  

From the artist, Rachel Ellison: “I wanted to create a ‘body positive’ exercise class but realized that every person has a completely different relationship to the experience of living in their particular body. I turned to listening. Over the past year I started interviewing individuals of diverse ages, self-described identifications, and backgrounds about the history and narrative of their bodies. This is becoming an ever-growing archive. Those interviews have been transcribed and in stage two, they will be considered by workshop participants and made into reflections of the stories collected.”

Audience will actively engage in the work. All types of physical mobility can participate. Comfortable clothing is encouraged.

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