Tif Harrison

Active ensemble 2011-2017
Booking Coordinator 2012 – 2015


In her last semester at Columbia College Chicago, she made the decision to quit acting.

She spent the next few years writing and writing and occasionally reading to small groups of strangers in bars that are now sushi restaurants.

Sometimes, late at night, she will update her blog.

Most of the time she just ends up looking at wallpaper samples for the home she does not own yet.

She has three half-sisters. She loves them more than sunsets.

While she has in the past owned a dog, she does not currently own a dog.
(That has been the hardest line to write so far.)

Tif is four-credits shy of getting her Bachelors Degree.
It”s a long story.
Don”t ask.

I guess now there isn”t much do to now but wait.
Or swim.
Or something.

Stuff by Tif

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Hello! How are you?! I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.

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Michigan is an incredible place to have grown up.

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