Trevor Dawkins

Ensemble since 2011


Trevor Dawkins likes the German language. It’s very practical. For instance, the German word for thimble is fingerhut, which translates literally to “finger hat.” Which makes sense because a thimble is pretty much just a little metal hat that you can wear on your finger.

Trevor also likes outer space and would love to go there someday.

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Renounce and Rejoice

A quick message for the people who want to BoycottStarWarsVII, due to its diverse casting, from someone who knows whats up.

Setting - Frankies Scallopine, the place of Trevors employment Time - Around 2pm Central. October 8th 2015. Props - A plate of food, a knife, a fork and a smartphone The Players - Trevor as himself and Nick Hart as Trevor's co-worker, unnamed for anonymity. Context - This conversation actually transpired

My pimple wants you to come see it in TML

My pimple wants you to come see it in TML

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