Prime Time Season

Neo-Lab presents: Tangles & Plaques, The Second Showing

March 11th, 7:30pm

In its second showing, Tangles & Plaques continues the attempt to demystify the experience of dementia in the language of theatre — offering a participatory experience that is unique to each audience and different every night. Ensemble Member Kirsten Riiber and Memory Care Director Alex Schwaninger conduct a symphony of impossible tasks and egregious forgery; with the audience's help, the cast interrogates the idea that a memory can be re-created and become more meaningful when shared with a room full of strangers.

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The Infinite Wrench

After writing and performing 9,838 two-minute plays since 1988, The Neo-Futurists are en route to reaching a milestone of 10,000 world premieres in 2017. The ensemble will reach and surpass that number by continuing their lasting creative practice while performing a new weekly show named The Infinite Wrench.

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The? Unicorn? Hour?

April 6 - May 13 2017

In The? Unicorn? Hour? Leah and Anthony invite you into a space to discover and grow joy in an atmosphere where joy can float freely. Inspired by childhood favorites "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood" and "Peewee’s Playhouse", this show aims to help you remember that we can find the core fantastical world of joy and adventure within ourselves.  Joy is an active choice, and it simply requires a shift of your own perception of the world around you.

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