Last-Minute Plans

Miss us?

Our 2013 shows start up again this weekend, even though it’s still 2012, because time is just, like, an artificial construct, man.

This weekend we’re doing a special menu featuring some of our favorite plays from the past few years, and we’re capping it off with our traditional, race-to-the-end-of-the-year performance on NewYear’s Eve.

Here’s a peek at the plays you can come see this weekend, written and performed by Kurt, Tif, Malic, Leah, Bilal, Brenda, and Trevor:

  • Anti-Mime (Trevor Dawkins)
  • A Fan’s (Untimely) Reaction to Kimya Dawson’s (Not-So) Recent Success (Tif Harrison)
  • nostalgia; abandoned (Tif Harrison)
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Hastily Rewritten (Bilal Dardai)
  • Jumping The Fence (Kurt Chiang)
  • Some of This Play is True, Some of This Play is False, Some of it Has a Bad Southern Accent, and Most of It Is Greatly Exaggerated (Leah Urzendowski)
  • Maybe there are better places (Trevor Dawkins)
  • routine / maintenance (Bilal Dardai)
  • Blind Date: You Don’t Have to Do It ’Cause We’re Doing It For You! (Malic White)
  • Simple Instructions (Leah Urzendowski)
  • For Our Next Trick, Cynicism (Bilal Dardai)
  • Poo-Face Goo-Face (Leah Urzendowski)
  • Chips Ahoy (Leah Urzendowski)
  • Retrogressive Apple Bobbing (Trevor Dawkins)
  • How the drunken video gamers from my apartment the other night might stage the climax to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet (Bilal Dardai)
  • Sometimes messages come from above… (Tif Harrison)
  • Drinking, and the Things About Friends (Kurt Chiang)
  • Magnetic. Resonance. Imagined. (Malic White)
  • If I had a nickel for every umbrella you’ve lost… (Kurt Chiang)
  • The situations of living. (Tif Harrison)
  • The closer you are to _______ the more you feel alive (Trevor Dawkins)
  • marketing the metaphorical tit (Tif Harrison)
  • Who’s Is This? (Brenda Arellano)
  • Real life sadness filtered through fake German performance art (Trevor Dawkins)
  • Sandwich Dance Banana (Brenda Arellano)
  • Cotton Waffle Pullover (Brenda Arellano)
  • My Gratitude Will Be Swift and Terrible (Bilal Dardai)
  • Traditional Mexican Terror Tactic (Brenda Arellano)
  • Dirty Little Children’s Toy (Leah Urzendowski)
  • Hate Yourself! (Kurt Chiang)

Brand new plays start next week and for the following 50! If we don’t see you before this year finishes, hope to see you in the new year.

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