World Premiere Preview (Jan 4 – 20, 2013)

Welcome back, friends. Right now, we’re in the midst of:

  1. Planning our 25th Anniversary season
  2. Preparing to launch a brand-new website
  3. Producing The Carter Family Family Show at Rhino Fest

  4. Rehearsing and re-imagining the space for our March show Analog

  5. Fighting off this cold and flu epidemic going around

  6. Welcoming into the fold our newest ensemble member, Lily Mooney!

So…we fell a bit behind on announcing our new plays. New plays from the first two weeks of the year were:

  • t’s That Time Again… (Tif Harrison)
  • Repurposing Sympathy (Tif Harrison)
  • Indeed The Future (Trevor Dawkins)
  • Merry Sexedmas (Megan Mercier)
  • TurdSwap (real shit for real people who can’t handle reality) (Megan Mercier)
  • Total Eclipse of the Malic (Leah Urzendowski)
  • Anthony Courser Guest Stars as Abraham Lincoln (Leah Urzendowski)
  • The Industry Is My Purgatory (Brenda Arellano)
  • cloud. (Brenda Arellano)
  • On the Road, Burroughs Burroughs Burroughs (Kurt Chiang)
  • The Re-Gift Diptych (Kurt Chiang)
  • How to end a play (Ryan Walters)
  • Doubt/Hope Revisited (Malic White)
  • Two Old Men who are not yet old Contemplate the Days Yet to Come (Malic White)
  • The Neo-Futurists Review the Film Adaptation of Les Miserables Using Found Text from Articles About the Fiscal Cliff (Malic White)

And some of these new plays are already gone, so if you didn’t see them then you might never get a chance to see them again. And you’ll have to live with that.

New plays! Nine of them! Including the first-ever TML play for Lily Mooney! Lily joins an eight-strong ensemble including herself, Brenda, Tif, Megan, Trevor, Ryan, Malic, and Leah.

  • a list of cities. (Lily Mooney)
  • First impressions, and the dramatics that follow. (Tif Harrison)
  • Lily Mooney: a play starring Malic White (Malic White)
  • with you in mind (Megan Mercier)
  • What if we did THIS instead of THAT? (Ryan Walters)
  • The debate debate. (Trevor Dawkins)
  • Tit Zit (Brenda Arellano)
  • Beware The Declarative (Brenda Arellano)

A new Neo’s first week is a joy to behold. You should joyously behold it.

You can do this, too.

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