Anablog: Trevor Dawkins

It’s time for another round of Anablog – a weekly series introducing the artists of Analog.

But before we get to the pleased-to-meet-you’s, can I just brag a little? Is that cool? Because Analog has been basking in the glow of lovely reviews all week long. The most recent kudos come from Timeout Chicago, who gave it 4 stars and called it “as moving as it is distinctive.” 

Annnnnnd, as if that isn’t motivation enough for you to drop everything and see the show, this weekend (3.14 – 3.16) all tickets are just $5.  What?!? Yeah I just blew your mind.

Now say hello to one of the writer/performers of Analog: Neo-Futurist ensemble member, space enthusiast, and defender of the German language Trevor “t-balls” Dawkins:


trevor instagram 1Quick! First five words that come to mind when you think of Analog

Analog. Monologue. Kurt Chiang. Ana-mono-KurtChaing-ologue. WWF Wrestling.

What people / experiences / artists inspired you the most in writing for the show?

In all sincerity I would say the performing ensemble: Kurt, Jessica, Lizi, Hank and Tim. Also our director Tif. Even though the play is tackling some impossibly large subjects at its center it’s remarkably personal, so a lot of the writing was inspired by or came from reactions to one another’s work/ input for the project.

What has been the most exciting or stimulating part of the Analog creative process?

Piecing together a play from almost nothing and having the opportunity to create work that is longer than our TML two minute play format.

Trevor instagram 2

What has been the most challenging part of the Analog creative process?

See question 3.

Do you believe in fate?


What kinds of artistic experiences do you tend to enjoy the most?

Any experience that breaks any expectations. I enjoy being surprised. When a performance piece suddenly goes in a direction that I didn’t see coming I’ll find myself at the edge of my seat thinking “oh, this a great new road to be on”

What turns you off big time?

I’m pretty much down for anything.

trevor instagram 3

What are you listening to right now? Reading? Watching? Eating? Drinking?

Music: I keep listening to the song Build Voice by Dan Deacon. In addition to that I’ve been listening to the band Converge, the new album by Youth Lagoon, and as always, Slayer.

Reading: Stephen Colbert’s new book. It’s funny.

Watching: Walking Dead. C’mon now.

Eating: Grub Hubs finest.

Drinking: Water and various IPA’s.

Are you a righty or a lefty?


Tell me something about yourself that would surprise me:

I sleep walk pretty regularly. But it’s not really “walking” so much as it is running through my apartment screaming because I am dreaming that the world is exploding or my bedroom has become a portal to hell.

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