Ladies and Gentlemen and Those In Between: Your 2013 TML Pride Menu.

Not content with just one special performance of our annual Pride Show, this year we’re bringing you our best queer-themed plays at all of our performances all weekend, and collecting to help benefit UCAN’s LGBT Host Home Program.

On top of that, audiences this weekend will seeĀ 11 world-premiere plays written exclusively for Pride.

Here’s a look at the whole menu, with the 11 premieres in bold:

  1. Truth or Chairs
  2. Orientation
  3. Blind Date: You Don’t Have to Do It ‘Cause We’ll Do It For You!
  4. Beware the Declarative
  5. Fuckfest
  6. the moment I realized I’m a big ol’ lesbian: Deconstructed
  7. Segues Sans Showstoppers
  8. The Grieve
  9. Ass Comparison
  10. Queer Spirits / Queer Rage
  11. Moby Dick
  12. An Incidental Conversation Between Brenda and Trevor
  13. Peter Panic
  14. Indeed the future
  15. But the days passed like minutes, the minutes like days.
  17. Chameleon Bacchanal
  18. Gender Blender
  19. All things worth growing bend toward light.
  20. The Neo-Futurists Fundraise for UCAN Just Like the Boys at Sidetrack
  21. Flirtation 101
  22. Sally Ride Dies, 61. First American Woman in space.
  23. Tit Zit
  24. Permit Us If You Will This Civil Discussion of Historical Precedent
  25. The closer you are to ______, the more you feel alive
  26. Bud Light Strawberita
  27. Assisted Fantasies
  28. Freudian Landslide
  29. While the other girls learned to shave their legs and kiss boys I was sitting at home perfecting my Carol Channing impression and drafting up a life for us
  30. Declaration

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