Life… Finds a Way 4D: a play based on the film Jurassic Park

This Thursday you can spot Neo tech superstar Victoria Golden and a bunch of our friends from The Barrel of Monkeys at

LIFE … FINDS A WAY 4DA play based on the film Jurassic ParkLast June, InGen produced “Life… Finds A Way”. LFAW was a play based on the film of “Jurassic Park”. While LFAW explored similar themes as the film did (i.e. replication, chaos theory, and Humanity vs. Nature) it also wrestled with concepts of entropy, memory, and the struggle between the play and the actor.

In honor of InGen’s one year anniversary AND Jurassic Park’s 20th anniversary, this Thursday they bring you “LIFE … FINDS A WAY 4D” at The Den Theater (1333 N Milwaukee Ave. Floor 2).

So, to sum up …


Tickets available online.


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