Getting You Hot.

There are still some tickets left to our special, unbelievably aphrodisiac performance of Too Much Love Makes The Baby Go Blinda special show for lovers, friends with benefits, and co-workers who don’t yet know that they’re right for each other because they keep dating the wrong people and then calling the other one up after it all falls apart and they’ll sit on the couch watching reality television marathons and laughing at all the contestants but there never seems to be enough Merlot for one of them to just quit hesitating and go for it.

It’s that kind of show.

If you’re still not sure you want to attend, yet, here’s a preview of the 30 titles that you’ll be able to order off our special Valentine’s Day menu.

  1. Maybe there are better places
  2. keeping up the chase
  3. Indeed the future.
  4. Blind Date: You Don’t Have To Do It ‘Cause We’re Doing It For You!
  5. nostalgia; abstracted
  6. Rock-a-Bye
  7. sometimes messages come from above…
  8. Dreamscape of the Body
  9. “It’s a Lot Like Love”
  10. as we take a collective moment to be sufficiently affected by the profundity of our own lives (even this person eating a lunch at an untimely hour)
  11. Genital Wars
  12. not about apples
  13. Marriage equality passes. One Illinois queer shows their gratitude.
  14. Flirtation 101
  15. Kool-Aid Man vs. Brick Wall (role reversal)
  16. Malic and Bilal discuss the institution of marriage, at length and close-up.
  17. Carry Over Jimmy Johns
  18. warpspeeddating.
  19. Potentially Devastating Storm Pattern
  21. Neo-Futurist Dance Lesson
  22. how to climb a mountain
  23. Kurtain
  24. The Pulse
  25. Real life sadness filtered through fake German performance art
  26. Supposed Relationship with Crocodiles
  27. Give your shirt a hug
  28. Orientation
  29. Deep Eye Contact Booth: A Self-Aware Rip-Off of Marina Abramovic’s “The Artist Is Present,” Acknowledging Both My Considerably More Limited Resources and the Constraint of Our Quickly Vanishing Time Together While Paying Tribute to Marina and Our Aching Collective Need for Unmediated Intimacy
  30. But the days passed like minutes, the minutes like days.


You can do this, too.

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