Josh Matthews and The Other Someones

Isn’t it funny how you think you know someone or you know you know someone but you decide that other someones may not realize how knowing the individual someone can inspire you do to amazing things? Crazy.

Keeping with the theme of exploration and someones, T.M.L.M.T.B.G.B will be featuring a guest appearance by this planet’s own Josh Matthews. He will only be here for one week, so don’t fool yourself into thinking you can wait on this one. Josh Matthews waits for no one.

Josh Matthews is many things. So many, that there are not enough minutes in the day to convince you of all the things he is. One thing Josh Matthews is not? Your lover. Because Josh Matthews is the lover of a someone that isn’t you. 

Here is a glimpse at this weeks show with no lead up and zero context.



I’ve been thinking it’s about time to get myself a “Happy Light.” A small lamp, usually the shape of a square or pyramid, that you can place on your desk. The lamp emits a glow that mimics natural sunlight. If you sit in front of it for a few hours a day, you can ward off feelings of depression in the winter months. My acupuncturist swears by them. My acupuncturist also believes in brewing tea out of dried wasp nests, covering your back in thin needles and burning a Moxa stick over your body. She’s always accepting new clients.


Good luck figuring this all out.

You can do this, too.

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