Hey! What! New at the Neo-Futurarium!

Dear Blog,
This week TMLMTBGB brings you 9 new plays and 21 returning plays for a total of 30 plays in 60 minutes. 5 ensemble members and technical maestro Victoria Golden perform 30 short skits in just about an hours time.
All the way from the Drinking and Writing Theater at the Haymarket Pub and Brewery Sean Benjamin and Steve Mosqueda bring their new show, “The Earliest Known Photo of MEN DRINKING BEER” to the Neo-Futurarium! I can’t wait to see the show. Go to http://www.drinkingandwriting.com/ for tix and more info. You know you will like it. You know that you have liked their other Drinking and Writing shows, their podcast, and their radio show.
Lastly, is it possible that I can go to my friend Shawn’s tumblr where he posts almost daily photos of what is in his compost jar,
copy and then past a photo into this here blog post and it will work? 
If not, go to http://mycompost.tumblr.com/ and check it out. He seems to eat a lot of bananas.  
If yes, go to http://mycompost.tumblr.com/ and check it out, and follow him. Yes!
Happy return of day light savings time,

my compost

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