“Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It.”

Every week after we’ve cut the menu, we ask ourselves what it then needs. We might notice that we tossed a lot of political material away, or our danciest of dance numbers. We take note of whether we ran significantly short of 60 minutes or well above it. And then we have a little under 48 hours to write material that helps us fill in those deficits.

Periodically, the performing cast goes one step further and assigns each other very, very specific assignments. This week, several of the seven plays that went into the show are the result of those assignments, including:

Write a play that is a meeting.

Relate a story from your childhood (let’s say ages 6-12) that might be relevant to your experience as an adult now, and explain how.

Write a piece involving music you actively dislike. Try to create an image or task that gives you some appreciation for that music in this context if no other.

Write a play that makes use of the song “Heavy Bells” by J. Roddy Walston and the Business.

Write a play inspired by this image:


We’re not telling you which ones are which, or who got which assignments. It should be obvious, unless it’s not.

You can do this, too.

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