EVERYBODY’S QUEER: Dangerous Ideas from Malic White on pride weekend

Fact: Malic White is queer.
Fact: Malic White works at a theater where “being yourself” isn’t just tolerated–it’s their job description.
Fact: Malic White is always queer, regardless of whether Malic verbally acknowledges what he calls herself, the people she loves, the sex he has, or what ze ate for breakfast.

Dangerous Idea #1: Being A Queer Person On Stage is Malic’s job.

This week the Neo-Futurist performing ensemble takes on 30 QUEER plays in 60 straight minutes. Most of us are straight. Some of us are married. Most of us use names and pronouns that are consistent with the genders we were assigned at birth. I am aware that getting chased out of the women’s locker room at the gym might not be a part of my fellow ensemble members’ daily experience. But in my genderfunny world, “queer” is not about whom you fuck. “Queer” is about how you live.

Fact: “Queer” can describe anyone who lives outside the Realm of the Normative in conscious pursuit of experimentation and evolution.
Fact: Neo-Futurism “embraces those unreached or unmoved by conventional theater.”
Fact: “Queer” is a rejection of convention that parallels the function of “Neo-Futurism” in tearing down the Fourth Wall.

Dangerous Idea #2: Neo-Futurism is a queer theatrical aesthetic.
Dangerous Idea #3: By the very nature the work we do, ALL NEO-FUTURISTS ARE QUEER.

Witness our collective queerness in action with a menu of new and old work built SPECIFICALLY FOR PRIDE WEEKEND! There will be dancing. There will be booty shorts. There will be a beautiful mess.

This year we’re benefitting Project Fierce Chicago, an organization that provides affirming transitional housing and support services to homeless LGBTQ young adults.

ONE MORE THING: The Neo-Futurists will participate in Chicago Dyke Mark on Saturday, June 28th in Humboldt Park. Join us and celebrate your queer neighbors!

See you at the show-mo.

xqxq Malic

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5eLcm4X6t8]




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