Gambling Lessons.

Below is a picture of my visit home last winter, midway through a poker game with my dad.

(This Sunday is Father’s Day.

Have you sent him a card yet?

Not to your dad. To my dad.

Have you sent my dad a card yet?)




Don’t worry. He doesn’t care about cards. Not Father’s Day cards, anyhow.

And this isn’t about Father’s Day.

It’s about the NINE NEW PLAYS we put into the show this week, all of which blew our hair back, speeding-convertible-style, when they were proposed on Tuesday. Let me tell you, blog-audience, these plays are loaded. We’ve got new music, comedy, commentary, dance, egg-tossing, and Dan Kerr-Hobert’s powers of persuasion, on display and ready to share with you starting tonight.

We know it’s Friday the 13th. Don’t let that stop you. Let it start you. 

My dad (losing to me in poker, above) is a relentless, terrifying optimist. This has less to do with his assessment of all things as good, or a belief that everything will work out, and more to do with the fact that no matter what, if you admit to yourself that you have no idea what the f*ck is going to happen, life can always be exciting. He’s maintained this attitude (and this exact face) throughout his own chaotic, risk-filled life, often in the face of losing odds. I have memories of my surly teenage years, hearing him remind me, as I micro-napped face-down in a bowl of oatmeal before school: “Every morning we wake up, it’s a new day. You may think you know what’s coming, but you don’t ever really know what happens next. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Maybe you’ve seen the show recently, maybe you haven’t. But it’s new, tonight, and every night this weekend, for you and for us. There will be RANDOMNESS. And CHANCE. And RISK. And hopefully a full 30 PLAYS in a mere 60 MINUTES. One of us will eat A LOT OF CHEETOS.

No matter what it’ll be exciting.

This is another picture I took, shortly before the end of the game.




You can do this, too.

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