Giant-Sized Collector’s Edition.

Our theater is experiencing an onslaught of giants throughout June. For example:

And fact of the matter is that we have so much happening in our space in June, that we couldn’t contain all of it on our usual 8.5 x 10″ menu. Ergo, for the rest of this month, when you attend Too Much Light you’re going to be getting a special, giant-sized collector’s edition menu printed on LEGAL SIZE PAPER. Look at that thing in the photo. I mean just LOOK at it. A full 27% more menu, which includes not only this week’s five new play titles but also information on…

  • The critically acclaimed and altogether awesome new show HAYMAKER!
  • The aforementioned and upcoming Pride Shows!
  • The exciting and skin-tingling FLESH RAVE Book Release Party for our new literary anthology, The Neo-Futurists: BODY!
  • Three new late-summer sessions of INTRO TO TOO MUCH LIGHTtaught by Bilal Dardai, Dan Kerr-Hobert, Lily Mooney, Kirsten Riiber, and Leah Urzendowski-Courser!
  • A new two-week Neo-Futurist Immersion summer camp for young adults, taught by Bilal Dardai and Malic White!
  • A one-time opportunity to study Athleticism and Aesthetics with Kurt Chiang and guest artist Dallas Tolentino of Washington DC’s Synetic Theater Company!

Usually we tell you that the menu fits ergonomically in your forearm. That’s only going to be true in June if you’re some kind of freakish Olympic gold medalist.



You can do this, too.

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