The Trouble with Tuesdays.

“A fusion of sport, poetry, and living newspaper.”

That phrase has been used to describe Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind for decades, even as newspapers slowly turned into newsfeeds and screen-crawl and entertainment. We try to take that last item seriously. Theatre tends to be a slower form of expression, requiring long development times, so that by the time you’re watching Current Young Actress make her Broadway debut in New Broadway Play, the event that New Broadway Play dramatizes is years in the past.

But we meet every week and we talk about things that happened that week and we write plays into the menu about the things that happened that week.


Because what we mean is that we meet every Tuesday and we talk about things that happened between one Tuesday and the following Tuesday and we write plays into the menu about the things that happened prior to Tuesday evening.

There’s the wreckage of a plane in a field of the Ukraine and there are Turkish protestors burning the Israeli consulate and troops on the ground entering Gaza, there is a bleached blonde governor proclaiming her obsolescence against a ruling that Oklahoma can’t ban gay marriage, and these are all things that happened after we rehearsed the seven new plays this week. So we won’t be talking about them. Except in a blog post like this one.

Still. You should come this weekend to see what is new, and what is not so new, because life is more than what the news is reporting and the things we will talk about are still a fraction of our shared human experience, which include rituals and sparklers and encounters and abacuses and the glories of the morning.

Kurt, Jessica, Bilal, Dan, and Brenda would like to meet you.

You can do this, too.

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