Travelogue: NextNowFest, Buffalo Wild Wings and The Lobby of The Holiday Inn

On Wednesday, September 10th, five Neo-Futurists and one Neo-Tech (including myself) set our alarms to 4:00 am before we went to sleep. By 7:30 am the following day, we were all sitting outside the farthest American Airlines gate from security. Bananas and coffee and herbal anxiety supplements in hand, we boarded a flight to Reagan International Airport. The plane was empty. So empty that we barely saw the flight attendants because there were very few people to attend to. At one point, Kurt asked me, “Why is this plane so empty?” I reminded him of the date. I also credited the fact that it was a 7:55 am on a Thursday, not a prime travel time. One of Taylor’s carry-on items was a boom box with a rope attached to it, as if it were a purse. A loud, battery-powered purse.



Technician Taylor, positioned under the first thing we saw upon arriving at the airport.


We like touring. One of the great things about Too Much Light is that it is incredibly portable and requires very little from venues, as far as technical capabilities go. I suppose the word ‘incredible’ is an over shot. The show is definitely portable but it does require a suitcase full of props to be lugged to and from places that don’t always accommodate a giant rolling suitcase. The suitcase will always have clothespins and a darkroom timer and left over Goldfish Crackers from the last show we took on the road. A few things we brought this time; a tambourine, a Budweiser beach towel, a fake gun.



Prop list

College Park, Maryland is the home of the University of Maryland. The University of Maryland is the home of The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center and where Kurt attended under-grad. The Neo-Futurists were asked to perform in UMD’s first ever NextNow Festival. I can’t begin to describe how big this event was, in part because we were so busy that we didn’t get to see any of it. There were performances of all kinds happening all weekend. We bumped into a lot of dancers, galloping to places. There was a “rave” in the lobby immediately following one of our shows. A giant balloon monster you could wear if you asked to wear it. Ya know what, why not check it out for yourself.



Kurt, immediately after our first performance, while waiting for the hotel shuttle.


We were only there for two nights. We didn’t see much more than the lobby of our hotel. But, we did go into D.C. And we did eat at the Buffalo Wild Wings and the IHOP. And some made it to one of Kurt’s favorite local dive bars, Town Hall.


Standard Washington Monument Image


Tif, squishing a penny at the Smithsonian while a child watches.


Ryan, serenading while we wait to start the show.


Tif, enjoying the Coke Kurt was told to share with her.


Town Hall, College Park, MD.


Kussin Mir, before the kiss.


Jay and Dina, watching one of the 300 TVs at BWW.


Hotel Still Life

We will always have Maryland.

You can do this, too.

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