Phil Doesn’t Want This To Be a Big Deal.

This is Phil Ridarelli’s last weekend performing TML as an active member of the ensemble. Phil wishes you wouldn’t make such a big deal out of it.

Phil has been performing in this show and been part of this ensemble since May of 1989, and even when he’s taken extended breaks from the company he hasn’t been too far. Phil is flattered, really, at all this attention.

There are audience members and ensemble alike who probably have at least one quintessential “Phil” moment lodged in their memories. There used to be a clipping from the Chicago Reader on the dressing room wall that was an “I Saw You” posting from a woman who really, really wanted to get to know Phil better. Phil appreciates being thought of so highly but there’s no reason to devote this many words to him.

Phil has performed in or directed numerous prime-time shows with this company, including Jobey and Katherine, Torque, Laika Dog in Space, CRISIS: A Musical Game Show, and The Sovereign Statement. Next spring he and Dan Kerr-Hobert will be exploring the wild and unscrupulous world of con artists with their new show Trust Us/Screw You. Phil really wishes you would relax with all the reverence.

Phil isn’t just a great writer, director, and performer, but also a human being of dazzling character and a loving husband and father. Phil is deeply beloved and will thus be deeply missed. Seriously, you guys, knock it off, you’re making it sound like Phil’s dying or something.

You should come see Phil Ridarelli’s last weekend in the show. Phil would be happy to have you attend but he doesn’t think you should make any heroic efforts or alter your existing plans just for him.




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