Smoke in my eyes, Steve in my life

This is my last weekend as a Neo-Futurist ensemble member, and as a great man once sang: If you see me walking down the street and I start to cry, just walk on by.


Hug me close, because I’m a lil chicken tender, saying goodbye to a group that has shaped me as an artist and as a woman. And to add just a touch of salt to all this, I only get one weekend of shows with freakin’ Steve Mosqueda. An alumni who was packing punches (artistic and otherwise) during his run, this salty dog is back and everyone in the rehearsal room on Tues was all like, ‘Oh!’ and fanning themselves like Southern debutantes.

AAAND! It’s freakin United Colors of Benetton up in this bitch. Jews singing Bob Dylan, Latinos feeding Latinos chicken nuggets, Greeks melting your heart, a beardo running tech. Oof. 

Guys. I’m looking forward to this weekend’s TML. I’m really excited about my future in the west coast. I can’t wait to tell you all about it…

Hasta pronto, mis amores…

You can do this, too.

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