Macaroni and Metal, Wine and Arsenic, 30 plays and 60 Minutes

This week, trace amounts of metal were found in some boxes of Kraft Mac n Cheese.

This week, very high levels of arsenic were found in some of the country’s top selling wine.

And this week, there are  30 plays  to be  found  at the Neofuturarium, performed  in  60 minutes.

That wholesome bowl of processed carbs: ITS CONTAMINATED. Your luxurious evening wind down beverage: LETHAL.   The beautiful, poignant, charming, witty, artful  Kate Bush soundtrack filled, 30 plays: DONE WITH A TIME CONSTRAINT, MOTHA- TRUCKERS.

Unlike, Kraft and these wineries in California, we aren’t recalling the 60 minutes, or filling a lawsuit against them. No, we are leaving our easily consumable pieces of theater to be  poisoned with this short hour. Because we live on the edge like that. These plays are staying on our menu, and you can order em up. In fact, yelling out the numbers is the only antidote against the deadly ticking dark room timer. Also, if you come to the  show this Friday and Saturday at 11:30 and Sunday at 7:00 pm you will get to see the mac n cheese, mercury glow of Trevor Dawkins, who is back in the show. You also will have the potential to see eight brand new plays in the menu, that is if the FDA unapproved clock doesn’t get to them up before you do. Put down your forks, and your two buck chuck, and see Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, a wonderfully polluted show.



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