Hot or Cold

On Wednesday, I was riding the CTA red line and I watched a little tyke, a wee crumb snatcher, a snot nosed kid turn to his parent, aunt, guardian,wife (hopefully not wife), and ask this stupid question: “am i hot or cold?”  as if the  person this child was with would be better able to assess his temperature than he could. What an iditot. Bless his dumb little soul.

Also on Wednesday,  I went to get lunch with Kurt and we were discussing  how the rehearsal for T.M.L. ran shorter than usual on Tuesday, and I confidently made this stupid statement: “Oh you know,  we rolled a four,  two people are ending a run, and also we tried to pick things that are not as tech heavy…so yeah, that’s why, Kurt, that’s why rehearsal was not as long!”  As if one of the artistic directors who has been doing the show for years  needed me, someone who has been in the show for only twelve weeks,  to explain this pretty standard  and straightforward occurrence. What an idiot. Bless my dumb little soul.

Now, I consider myself to be of average intelligence,  I would even go as far as to say above average, I did graduate from a four year accredited university, and even though it was with a degree in breathing on the floor and annunciation: I’m generally a smarty.  But the past twelve weeks, my very first twelve in Too Much Light,  I have certainly said the darnedest things  and asked all the asinine questions, one could ask. I’m sure as anyone who has started a new job, new relationship, new  cult (?) will tell you: you can sometimes feel dumb being the newbie. As you try to find your footing, even the most capable  person, the Einsteins of Einsteins, can at times feel that everything out of their mouth is a little bit like that CTA dumbass child:

Am I hot or cold?

Being new isn’t forever. There will be a day that kid is gonna figure out his own body temperture, and there will be a day where I stop stating things to which the only response is an early 2000’s exclamation of: “No duh!”

Now, If I can draw your attention to the picture in this blog. It is of a bunch of folders. I used one manilla folder every week to keep track of my first run in Too Much Light. The folders are filled with the week’s scripts, menus, to do lists,  sunday’s cuts, etc. It’s a little catalog, a time capsule, if you will. As I go into my second run in two weeks, I will try to continue this folder-ing. A more visual representation of the contents of these folder’s can be found in this AWESOME video, taken by our technician Kate Hardiman. It moves very quickly just like  my first twelve weeks in the show, which has also moved very quickly. Hope you enjoy! Hope to see you at the show!






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