Dear Audience, 

Some moments feel more urgent, potent and vital than others. Today, Friday March 13th, 2020 from the office of the Neo-Futurarium, is one of those days. We are in a moment that accelerated quickly and we do not know how long this moment will last. We are feeling bewildered too.

Out of consideration for the safety of our ensemble, staff and audience; we have decided to suspend performances of The Infinite Wrench. As soon as it looks like we can responsibly open our doors again, we will inform you promptly.

We do not take this decision lightly, and we arrived at this choice through a great deal of deliberation. As a company that continuously makes work for a live audience fifty weeks of the year, this decision goes against our instincts. We pride ourselves on our ability to react and respond quickly to the world around us via our work, and unfortunately today that response must take the form of this decision.

Keep in touch with us through our social media for when The Infinite Wrench will continue and what we’ll be creating in the meantime. 

If you have already purchased a ticket to the show, we are happy to provide an exchange to come back in the near future. If you have questions or concerns, call us at 773-878-4557.

We look forward to getting back to the serious business of licking doorknobs and slathering audience members in paint and puking vegetable soup on each other as soon as we can.

Take care of yourselves, and stay strong.

The Neos


We intend to follow through with our commitment to pay our ensemble members, technicians, and house managers – as many of our artists rely on The Infinite Wrench for their livelihood, please consider donating your ticket or contributing to our annual fund. 


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