I will conduct a self-assessment of my health for COVID-19 symptoms every day before entering The Neo-Futurist Theater (5153 N. Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60640), and I will monitor my health for new symptoms throughout the day.  If I am experiencing symptoms or develop symptoms during the day, I will follow the instructions under “Testing, Contact Tracing, Quarantine, and Isolation” below.


I will follow the COVID-19 precautions required by The Neo-Futurists based on my COVID-19 vaccination status and current guidance, including, as applicable:

  • wearing a face covering or mask covering my nose and mouth in The Neo-Futurist Theater when required, unless I am not required to wear a face-covering or mask because I have received an accommodation; 
  • keeping a face covering with me at all times in the event it is needed regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status;
  • washing my hands with soap and water frequently for at least 20 seconds, or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available, throughout the day and before and after in-person interactions with others.

If I am experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19, I will:  

  • promptly inform Education Lead Abby Pajakowski at education@neofuturists.org  
  • obtain a COVID-19 test if recommended CDPH and/or CDC
  1. Testing, Contact Tracing, Quarantine, and Isolation

If I am experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19, I will:  

  • Follow the CDC recommended steps for those who have tested positive, including:
    • Remain quarantined until at least seven days have passed since symptoms first appeared (or if the individual is asymptomatic, at least seven days since the administration of the positive test) and:
    • At least one day (24 hours) has passed since resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and:
    • Other symptoms have improved
    • For those who suspect they may have been exposed, a negative test result and no symptoms must be present before being able to return to any programming. 
  • promptly inform Education Coordination Abby Pajakowski at education@neofuturists.org  


If I have been informed by The Neo-Futurists and/or a medical or public health entity that I have had close contact with a COVID-19 positive person and I am advised to be tested for COVID-19, I will obtain a COVID-19 test within the time prescribed.

I will promptly inform Education Coordination Abby Pajakowski at education@neofuturists.org if any of the following scenarios apply to me:

  1. I have tested positive for COVID-19;
  2. I am exhibiting COVID-19-related symptoms,
  3. I have been informed by a medical or public health entity, and/or have reason to believe that I have had close contact with a COVID-19 positive person.

If any of the Exposure Scenarios apply to me:

  1. I will seek appropriate medical care if needed; and
  2. I will isolate or quarantine in accordance with the CDC’s quarantine guidelines


I will fully cooperate with any contact tracing program and any contact tracing conducted by the City of Chicago Department of Public Health or other public health authorities.


III. Attestations

I understand that The Neo-Futurists may use the information I disclose to The Neo-Futurists for the purposes of contact tracing, providing health and safety guidance to me and others, informing public health authorities, and for other health or safety purposes.


If I test positive for COVID-19, I understand that The Neo-Futurists will endeavor to keep my identity confidential, but The Neo-Futurists may disclose my identity to others for health or safety purposes. I also understand that others may be able to infer my identity from de identified information disclosed to them by The Neo-Futurists.


I will follow all applicable COVID-19 related protocols and other guidelines established by the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago (including isolation and quarantine guidelines from the Illinois Department of Public Health and/or the City of Chicago Department of Public Health).


By choosing to enter The Neo-Futurist Theater, I am making an ongoing commitment to follow the COVID-19-related guidance and safety precautions communicated above. I acknowledge that this guidance may change as new information becomes available and that it is my responsibility to stay informed.  I understand that The Neo-Futurists relies on the commitment of every community member to comply with all safety policies and guidelines.


I understand that The Neo-Futurists is taking many steps in an effort to mitigate the risk of infection to members of our community.  I recognize that COVID-19 poses a serious public health risk and that The Neo-Futurists is not able to guarantee a COVID-19-free environment or eliminate the chance of infection and associated health risks.  By entering The Neo-Futurist Theater, I acknowledge my responsibility to contribute to the collective efforts of The Neo-Futurist community to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, and I understand that these efforts will not eliminate the risk of transmission. I understand that I am responsible for adopting behaviors (e.g., face coverings, hand washing, symptom monitoring), both on and off-site, to help reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.


I understand that my failure to follow the requirements set forth in this attestation may endanger myself and/or others and cause further disruption of Neo-Futurist activities.  I understand that I may be subject to accountability action.


I understand that if we, as a community, do not adhere to University and public health rules and guidelines both on and off-site and/or a COVID-19 outbreak occurs, The Neo-Futurists may not be able to continue an on-site experience and may be required to transition to a fully remote learning experience.


  1. The Neo-Futurists’ Commitment

The Neo-Futurists is doing its part to respond to the threat that COVID-19 transmission poses to the health and safety of every member of our community by:

  • Establishing core principles for welcoming our community back to The Neo-Futurist Theater, including objectives designed to protect public health, in accord with government guidance, and regularly updating our community;
  • Regularly cleaning and sanitizing common spaces throughout the theater;
  • Mandating an attestation on the health and safety requirements for all staff and students;
  • Committing to continue to monitor changes in public health guidance, update our guidance and share information in a prompt and consistent manner.
  • Provide additional resources already made available to members of the ensemble and staff