September 30, 2020

Created by Neo-Futurist Ensemble Member Nick Hart

60 Songs in 60 Minutes

is a small ensemble of musicians and artists creating a collage of sound, noise, and music, using anything they can find to write, record, and digitally release an album of 60 original songs in 60 minutes, crafted over the course of 30 days. A brand new album created every month for our Patreon Subscribers


Candelabracadabra, the Mega-nagerie

*water sounds*




This document is the ultimate authority for Candelabracadabra, the Mega-nagerie® competitive game play. It consists of a series of numbered rules followed by a glossary. Many of the numbered rules are divided into subrules, and each separate rule and subrule of the game has its own number. (Note that subrules skip the letters “l” and “o” due to potential confusion with the numbers “1” and “0”; subrule 704.5k is followed by 704.5m, then 704.5n, then 704.5p, for example.)

Game theory is the study of mathematical models of strategic interaction among rational decision-makers.[1] It has applications in all fields of social science, as well as in logic, systems science and computer science. Originally, it addressed zero-sum games, in which each participant’s gains or losses are exactly balanced by those of the other participants. In the 21st century, game theory applies to a wide range of behavioral relations, and is now an umbrella term for the science of logical decision making in humans, animals, and computers.

A player is one of the people in the game. The active player is the player whose turn it is. The other players are nonactive players.

The only numbers the Candelabracadabra game uses are integers.

There are five colors of mana: white, blue, black, red, and green.

If a spell or ability would create a token, but a rule or effect states that a permanent with one or more of that token’s characteristics can’t enter the battlefield, the token is not created.

Any object can deal damage.

Damage is processed in a four-part sequence.

If a source would deal 0 damage, it does not deal damage at all. That means abilities that trigger on damage being dealt won’t trigger. It also means that replacement effects that would increase the damage dealt by that source, or would have that source deal that damage to a different object or player, have no event to replace, so they have no effect.

The name of a card is printed on its upper left corner.

A card’s name is always considered to be the English version of its name, regardless of printed language.

Two objects have the same name if their names are identical. An object with no name doesn’t have the same name as any other object, including another object with no name.

If an object has more than one name, it has the same name as another object if there are one or more names that both objects have in common.

Two or more objects have different names only if each of them has at least one name and no two objects in that group have the same name.

Creatures and tribals share their lists of subtypes; these subtypes are called creature types. The creature types are Advisor, Aetherborn, Ally, Angel, Antelope, Ape, Archer, Archon, Army, Artificer, Assassin, Assembly-Worker, Atog, Aurochs, Avatar, Azra, Badger, Barbarian, Basilisk, Bat, Bear, Beast, Beeble, Berserker, Bird, Blinkmoth, Boar, Bridget, Bringer, Brushwagg, Camarid, Camel, Caribou, Carrier, Cat, Centaur, Cephalid, Chimera, Citizen, Cleric, Cockatrice, Construct, Coward, Crab, Crocodile, Cyclops, Dauthi, Demigod, Demon, Deserter, Devil, Dinosaur, Djinn, D O G,, Dragon, Drake, Dreadnought, Drone, Druid, Dryad, Dwarf, Efreet, Egg, Elder, Eldrazi, Elemental, Elephant, Elf, Elk, Eye, Faerie, Ferret, Fish, Flagbearer, Fox, Frog, Fungus, Gargoyle, Germ, Giant, Gnome, Goat, Gooblin, God, Golem, Gorgon, Graveborn, Gremlin, Griffin, Hag, Harpy, Hellion, Hippo, Hippogriff, Homarid, Homunculus, Horror, Horse, Human, HYDRA, Hyena, Illusion, Imp, Incarnation, Insect, Jackal, Jellyfish, Juggernaut, Kavu, Kirin, Kithkin, Knight, Kobold, Kor, Kraken, Lamia, Lammasu, Leech, Leviathan, Lhurgoyf, Licid, Lizard, Manticore, Masticore, Mercenary, Merfolk, Metathran, Minion, Minotaur, Mole, Monger, Mongoose, Monk, Monkey, Moonfolk, Mouse, Mutant, Myr, Mystic, Naga, Nautilus, Nephilim, Nightmare, Nightstalker, Ninja, Noble, Noggle, Nomad, Nymph, Octopus, Ogre, Ooze, Orb, Orc, Orgg, Otter, Ouphe, Ox, Oyster, Pangolin, Peasant, Pegasus, Pentavite, Pest, Phelddagrif, Phoenix, Pilot, Pincher, Pirate, Plant, Praetor, Prism, Processor, Rabbit, Rat, Rebel, Reflection, Rhino, Rigger, Rogue, Sable, Salamander, Samurai, Sand, Saproling, Satyr, Scarecrow, Scion, Scorpio, Scout, Sculpture, Serf, Serpent, Servo, Shade, Shaman, Shapeshifter, Shark, Sheep, Siren, Skeleton, Slith, Sliver, Slug, Snake, Soldier, Soltari, Spawn, Specter, Spellshaper, Sphinx, Spider, Spike, Spirit, Splinter, Sponge, Squid, Squirrel, Starfish, Surrakar, Survivor, Tentacle, Tetravite, Thalakos, Thopter, Thrull, Treefolk, Trilobite, Triskelavite, Troll, Turtle, Unicorn, Vampire, Vedalken, Viashino, Volver, Wall, Warlock, Warrior, Weird, Werewolf, Whale, Wizard, Wolf, Wolverine, Wombat, Worm, Wraith, Wurm, Yeti, Zombie, and Zubera.



  • What does the 🦐 mean?


  • A classic hourglass, all of its sand having flowed into the bottom bulb.
  • What does the 🦐 mean?
  • A classic hourglass, all of its sand having flowed into the bottom bulb.



SCRYE (Scrye Collectible Card Game Checklist and Price Guide) was a gaming magazine published from 1994 to April 2009 by Scrye, Inc.[1][2] It was the longest-running periodical to have reported on the collectible card game hobby. It was also the leading print resource for secondary-market prices on Magic: The Gathering. The name, a registered trademark, is adapted from the Middle English word scry meaning “to foretell the future through a suitable medium”.




On January 29, 2009, the magazine’s publisher sent an email to staff and contributors of SCRYE announcing their intent to cease publication of the magazine after the April 2009 edition, the magazine’s 131st regular issue. In that issue, the magazine’s editors suggested that the decision to cease publication was due, at least in part, to financial problems resulting from the economic crisis in the United States: “The reason behind this decision should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to recent events, both within our hobby and in the world in general…as things stand, we cannot continue to publish the magazine profitably while still providing the level of quality entertainment and information that you, our readers, need and deserve in exchange for your money.


Trample (This creature can deal excess combat damage to player or planeswalker it’s attacking.)




W e l c o m e

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There are over 1400 name generators, as well as many description generators, guides and various tools you might find helpful. But if you have an idea for what I could add or if you want to submit a name, message or other feedback feel free to contact me.


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“Krill do not leave the puddle as the puddle phase ends.” -Randy


What is the mega-nagerie?

It’s everything


Horsemanship (This creature can’t be blocked except by creatures with horsemanship.)


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What is the mega-nagerie?

It’s everything


S t i l l  b u s y

Life’s still got me pretty preoccupied, but I think I’ll be able to continue to add new content now, albeit slower than usual.

Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

Responding to messages hasn’t changed, I continue to be able to do so. ^.^


– Emily


What is the mega-nagerie?

It’s everything


A universe where “sisters stick together.”


Cast spells that will leave your foes grasping for a cigarette.


So travels the Eternal Passing, from Mawth to Anoos.



*water sounds*



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//Plato‘s Republic: Magnets, Landed Gentry, Dreams // RELEASED Jan 8

Plato’s Republic: Magnets, Landed Gentry, Dreams is a masterwork. It was written [0 years ago] and remains one of the most widely listened-to audio books in the bandcamp universe, famous for both the r i c h n e s s of its ideas and the v i r t u o s i t y of its writing. Presented as a dialogue between person A, person B, Nick, Nick, Lia, Joanna, Andrew, Bat Boy and you, the audience, some people, andvarious interlocutors, it is an exhortation (sic) to study magnets, dreams, and landed gentry, inviting its listeners to reflect on the choices we must make if we are to live the best life available to us. This complexxx, didactic, intere-sting and exciting work creates a picture of an ideal society governed not by power, or fame, or anyone’s well-connected c o u s i n, but by magnets (what are they), the landed gentry, and dreams. Also, tortillas predate bread by over 1,000 years*.

For more than seventy eons, person A, person B, Nick, Nick, Lia, Joanna, Andrew, Bat Boy** and you, the audience, has been the leading publisher (sic) of the coolest biggest most landed literature in the English-speaking dreamworld. Dang. With more than 1,700 acres of titles, person A, person B, Nick, Nick, Lia, Joanna, Andrew, and you, the audience, represent the earth’s core of the best works throughout history and across gentries and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide “the scoop” enhanced by poems and REM sleep by disintegrated scholars and contemporary farmers, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning transatlantic.


*multiply THAT
**multiply THAT
***Bowel Bucks

Track 2 Dedicated to Tiffany Wang, a true hero.
Track 6 Dedicated to M.C. Steffen, a true hero.
Track 9 Dedicated to Amanda Hodo, a true hero.
Track 11 Dedicated to Rachel Gonzalez, a true hero.
Track 12 Dedicated to Kristen Jamerson, a true hero.
Track 24 Dedicated to Maxwell Fritz, a true hero.
The part of Track 41 where I steal the dreamelodica,
Dedicated to Santa Claus, a true hero.
The part of Track 41 where I talk, Dedicated to Bucky O’hare, a true hero.


Finding humanity in the most inhumane parts of our lives.









// Caught on Tape! The (Other?) Library of CONgress Audio Archive They Don’t Want You To Hear! (00XXX0007 will eat your socks off!!) // RELEASED nov 6

This vast collection of mind-shattering sounds of so-called“pseudo” recordings that the FBI has had hidden away for decades, will open your third eye and separate you from the rest of thesheeple on this flat earth. Mermaids are real. Think for yourself question authority[REDACTED] observed on November [REDACTED] 20[RECACTED] a “large lizard-like [REDACTED]” that ate [REDACTED} off.” Don’t hesitate, don’t look back. The TRUTH is out there! Carefully recovered by a group of expert ethnomusicologists, these never-before-released recordings break this case WIDE open.  Bat Boy is a fictional creature who made numerous appearances in the American supermarket tabloid Weekly World News. The Weekly World News published patently fabricated stories that were purported to be factual. Within the pages of the paper, Bat Boy is described as a creature who is ‘half human and half bat’. This album is a collection of field recordings, found audio, and musical extrapolations investigating the unknown, the hidden, and most of all, the FORGOTTEN creatures *like bat boy* who haunt the night……….and your DREAMS.

Caught on Tape! The (Other?) Library of CONgress Audio Archive They Don’t Want You To Hear! (#00XXX0007 will eat your socks off!!) is the cassette your great aunt Linda stashed away in the attic after her and her friends bought that ouija board and started playing it in the butterfly garden. LINDA WHAT THE FUCK.Caught on Tape! The (Other?) Library of CONgress Audio Archive They Don’t Want You To Hear! (#00XXX0007 will eat your socks off!!) is FULL of anecdotes from demons.Caught on Tape! The (Other?) Library of CONgress Audio Archive They Don’t Want You To Hear! (#00XXX0007 will eat your socks off!!) GET INTO IT. What’s that sound? It’s definitely not a house cat. Our platform: if you can imagine it, it’s real (and it makes a sound). Protect yourself and your loved ones by learning to identify these fantastic creatures by ear. Detractors will say that we’re conspiracy theorists but these recordings are REAL. The U.S. Government has been keeping IMPORTANT information from you for DECADES. This archive of animal sounds whose existence is “unsubstantiated” It is curious to note that what the world hasn’t seen yet is to be uncovered by the eyes of the truth seers who want them. What a people consider “normal” or “usual” is often overlooked; the trees have branches and those branches contain many twigs and leaves unbeknownst to the nude eye.  “Hm? That sound over there? Don’t look over your shoulder, it’s nothing, son.” Mothers can be so deceiving but what they don’t realize is that your ears have been sharp since birth, hungry for the cries of the unknown.  Well, truth is stranger than friction I guess but you’ll have to take your own word for it, no? Get a glimpse into what lies beyond the vista, shrouded in il mistero. Oh, and another thing? Don’t blink too much. 😉

“an animal whose existence is unsubstantiated”  “terrifying paranormal encounters that have shaken them to their core” Winged Freak Terrorizes

// Breadtasia  // released oct 2 

Breadtasia, is an explosive, epic hour-long album of 60 songs in 60 minutes produced by The Neo-Futurists, all made for the ears of bread. One of the most flour-forward, gluten-positive releases in recent human history, Breadtasia serves its listener loaf after loaf of freshly baked soundscapes.  Running the germinated gamut from airy, to moldy, to soft, to roof-of-mouth-cuttingly sharp, this unique record is loaded with dynamics of fragrance and texture.  A delicious listen from heel to butt. Kick back as we make your spirits rise with our warmth.

Artistic Team

Artistic Team