A Funny Workshop
with Gemma Soldati

Discover and reunite with your playful spirit and comedic vocabulary in this workshop of fun. Using clown, physical games, and improvisation, we’ll explore our imagination, pleasure, and our relationship with an audience. This workshop will help participants unleash their muse and confront their doubt. We will also use the development process of material in class as an inroad to learn more about ourselves, our peers, and our wildest dreams onstage.
We’ll find what we may have lost or forgotten on our journey to become “good.”

This class is for folks of all experience levels who are ready to take their comedic practice to the next level in a supportive and creative environment.

Sunday, February 19th 2:00pm-5:00pm


Proof of vaccination including one Booster will be required for all students. The class will be mask-optional.